Can I Be A Sponsor Of The Tour?

Absolutely! One of the reasons we’ve been so successful over the years is because of the incredible support we’ve gotten from local businesses who wish to share in our mission. If you would like to sponsor us, please download this form and see what level of support best suits you!

Inclement Weather:

Having organized The Tour for many years, we have found that regardless of rain on the day, invariably things work out well to the benefit of the riders. Our volunteers still come out and staff all the necessary rest stops, our SAG drivers are committed to helping in whatever way they can, and the rides still depart at their appointed times. Rest assured, regardless of the forecast, The Tour will go forward and we urge you to come and enjoy the day. If riding in the rain is simply not your thing but you have raised funds, please come down and drop off your donation, pick up your tee shirt, and still avail yourself of the ample supplies of food that we will have available around noontime.

Often times, those who choose to soldier on find that riding in the face of adversity provides them with a more fulfilling experience and certainly epic stories to tell.

SAG Wagons:

We have 6 full-size vans which are graciously donated for our use by Doyle's Medical Equipment. They circulate all over the routes during the day. We try to coordinate placement of the SAG vehicles and time their routes with where the majority of the riders are but sometimes unfortunately, despite our best efforts, riders do have to wait for rescue. If you find yourself in such a situation, please just sit tight and trust that support will be with you shortly. Waiting for support is fine, but it's also helpful to know how to change your own inner tube in case of a flat and to be somewhat self-reliant in this regard.

Rest Stops:

Depending on the route, (please consult the map for your route) you will find fully stocked rest stops approximately every 20 miles. At the rest stops you will find water, electrolyte drink, bananas, food bars, PB&J’s, with some salty chips at the Cornwall and Canaan rest stops.

Porta Potties:

At Coe Memorial Park, in addition to the 2 bathrooms in the building, there are 2 additional Porta Potties adjacent to the property towards the back entrance of the Bank of America. Out on the courses, you will find Porta Potties at each rest stop.

Bike Mechanical Services:

We have enjoyed the support of 2 local bike shops throughout the entire history of The Tour of the Litchfield Hills. Both are present early in the morning at Coe Memorial Park for any last-minute tuneups/unexpected crises. In addition, the SAG drivers have some basic repair tools and are prepared to help you with tire flats or other minor repairs.

Celebratory Picnic:

Once you have completed your ride, please plan on hanging around the venue at Coe Memorial Park. We are well supported by our food service vendor and you will find hotdogs, pasta, pizza, salad, a selection of beverages and electrolyte drinks in addition to water and gourmet potato chips. We strive to have a fun celebratory atmosphere and enjoy the support of our DJ, Jacques Williams, who donates his time for the entire day for which we are very grateful.

Navigation Files:

Navigation files for most GPS bike computers: If you click on the Maps/Cue Sheets tab, you’ll find a link to the downloadable navigation files.