This ride is always fun. You guys always do a great job providing services. The 30 mile was extra difficult this year with all the hills in Goshen and the road work in Torrington. Let's do it again next month. - M.M.
Still love the ride, even after the third time! Had quit doing charity rides, but this one is exceptional. -M.F.
I rode this past Sunday. Great event once again. Markers were perfect. P.D.
By far the best century I've ever done ... and I've done several. Most often, it seems organizers simply pick a course to meet the required distance without any thought to the quality of the experience. The roads of TOLH were obviously chosen with great care. Well done! J.K.
My first and definitely not last TOLH. Unbelievable ride. Nice job!! J.C.
This was my first time riding this event and I wanted to let you know what a great time I had. I did the 75 mile ride with a few friends and we all enjoyed it so much, we agreed to do it again next year. Great organization, friendly and helpful volunteers, easy and fast registration, great course markings, well stocked rest stops, tremendous help from police....etc. Thanks to all of the volunteers who work tirelessly to organize this event. See you next year! P. L.
Just a note to let you know the enjoyable time I had yesterday. First time riding in the Northwest hills of CT - from the flat lands of Guilford, CT. Big shout out to all the volunteers, everyone was so pleasant. Course was well marked, food was great. The food looked good as well, but stomach wasn't ready for eating. The weather sure was nice as well. Look forward to next year. D. B.
Once again, you all did a great job with this event. The routes are all very well marked, rest stops well stocked and the weather you ordered was perfect. This is my third year, second on the 100, and I'm already looking forward to next year. Obviously, a very good cause (one of the riders in our group is a cancer survivor!) and I'm thrilled that my contribution will help others. Thanks to your team for all the hard work, J.L.
I have participated in the Tour de Litchfield Hills numerous times over the past decade, and I would have to say it's the best run tour in the state. - K.A.
Just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful tour (again)!

All the volunteers are wonderful, your sag wagons (or rider support vans), were so visible and seen everywhere (and I did the 100) and your after ride spread was incredible. It is a pleasure to participate in such an awesome event.

I have done this for years, first as a supporter of your worthy cause, second as a cyclist.

You really out do yourselves!

Thanks again! Great job! -L
I wanted to give you some feedback on the TotLH.

My son rode the 30 and I rode the 100, and we both had a fantastic experience. He (at 15 years old) was relatively new to that distance and said it was a well-put-together route, not too many hills, but enough to keep it interesting.

My 100 was quite the challenge with all those hills. The thing that stood out on my ride was that the rest stops were PERFECTLY spaced. Just as I wished for a rest stop to appear, there one would be. They were all staffed with friendly volunteers (especially the last one!) and a good selection of fuel. The last one was a such a pleasant surprise with pre-mixed Gatorade already poured into cups for us.

Potato chips at the Benidorm stop Mile 80--HEAVENLY!

Excellent road support--I saw the sag wagon frequently going by throughout the ride.

The course was very well marked.

Packet pick-up at the end was a very nice touch--no need to keep track of your stuff or run back to your car before the start.

Overall, just a really nice job!!! Can't blame the rain on the organizers, but even that wasn't unpleasant, and those hearty girls at the finish line cheering like we just won! were fabulous.

We'll be back. –J

You guys continue to raise money for your charities, and kudos to you for getting that done.

The volunteers were absolutely FANTASTIC this year.

It's one thing to hand out gatorade and snacks on a nice day, but to hang out in crappy weather to make sure riders had what they needed all day is a MAJOR help for us riders. I tried to thank all of the support people I saw, but please pass along my thanks to each and every volunteer who donated their time to stand around in the rain and give us riders the support and ENCOURAGMENT to get through the day.

Like I mentioned, each year you guys have improved the ride. The route was great (did the 100 after 3 years of doing the 75), and it presents both a challenge and great scenery. It was well marked, and provided a relatively safe and fun route. Rest stops were better equipped than in years past, and I never was lacking for a variety of food and drink options (in '05 it was bannanas and water...too bad I don't like banannas and need electrolytes after 50+miles).

SAG was omni-present. I saw them all over the place. I blew a tube at 13 miles, and despite fixing it myself, saw SAG passing by not more than 5 minutes before and after my non-planned start. SAG had the route TOTALLY covered. Due to the rain, I didn't take part in any post-ride food or activities, but the fact that they were available (even in the storm) was great.

Finally, I'm 6'6" tall and wear a XXL t-shirt. In 3 other centuries this year, there were no XXL t-shirts available. Not that this is a BIG deal, but finishing late and still getting a t-shirt that I could wear after more than 1 washing was something I appreciated. –S

This was my first year doing the Tour of Litchfield Hills, my husband and I finished the century, riding the last 50 miles or so in the rain.

We thought this was a beautiful ride, good job with the markings and rest stops. Thanks for an excellent ride!

This was our 6th century this year so far and we will definitely be back next year, rain or shine.

Last fall my mom passed away from cancer so the cause was close to my heart.

Thanks again for an excellent ride. – J and S
This is one of the local charity rides that we try to make each year since we started riding the Tour back in 2006. In fact we like the route so much that we sometimes do it on our own again just for fun!

The Tour was run well this year and certainly measured up to our usual high expectations.

Thanks again for doing such a good job! -M
I was a first-time participant in the 4.2 mile walk this morning and loved it. Will definitely be back next year, hopefully trying one of the bike routes.

I had foot surgery 3 months ago to repair torn tendons so being able to finish this was a personal goal for me J. – L
We just wanted to congratulate you on the fantastic success of the event yesterday!

My teammates and I thoroughly enjoyed the event and to be honest got quite a rush on the downhill of the 50-miler detour.

WOW...what a ride! I am fairly certain my Team will make an appearance every year from here on out.

Congratulations and thank you! -B
I just wanted to let you know that I did the 75 mile TOLH yesterday and really enjoyed the route.

I am currently training for the Furnace Creek 508 and the climb up Sharon Mt was perfect!

I wanted to mention to you that somewhere along the way I lost my key fob to open my car door. Thankfully my keys were in the backseat of my car and I managed to track down a tow truck to open my door for me so I did get in however, in the process, two of your volunteers (mother and daughter team) working at the table where I registered (my last name starts with a K so that is all I can tell you--maybe you can narrow it down) went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out and I just wanted to pass that along to you. When I went to check in after my ride and told them what happened, they drove me back (in their own car) to the place I had stopped along the route and thought that my key fob may have fallen out of my bike bag. While we didn't find it, they were extremely helpful and took an hour out of their day to help me. I did not get their names but if you happen to know who they were, please pass along my heartfelt thanks again.

This was a fantastic event with a fantastic route and FANTASTIC volunteers.

I will be back next year! Kind regards, -CK
I road my first mile century ride on Sunday with your event and wanted to thank you and all the volunteers for organizing a great event.

It was very well organized from registration right through to the finish line. The course was well-marked, there were crossing guards at all the dicey intersections, and the people at the rest areas were very friendly and encouraging.

The food and drink available at the rest areas was really good, too (those potato chips at the 70 mile rest area were the best friggin' chips I have ever had in my entire life!).

All the riders I encountered on the course were equally friendly and courteous.

It was a great experience for me and I will definitely be back next year.

I hope the fundraising exceeded your expectations this year. Thanks again, -ALC