Team Joe – Top fundraising team in 2022!

Support Us by Donating

No Minimum Donation

Always wanting to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible we’ve never specified a minimum donation to participate in the Tour of the Litchfield Hills.  All one needs to do to participate is pay the registration fee.  We believe that’s one of the many reasons for the Tour’s popularity.

However, over the years, it’s been the hundreds of thousands of dollars in DONATIONS we’ve received which have helped us to be as impactful as we’ve been. 

Support Us

Donations to the Tour support us in our mission to raise funds to benefit The Cancer Care Fund of the Litchfield Hills, Inc. and we’re very proud to note that over the years, we’ve grown to become the Fund’s chief benefactor!  The Fund supports cancer patients with care, treatment, education, and prevention programs. It also awards financial assistance to patients for emergencies such as food, rent, transportation, utilities, and medications not covered by insurance, or other critical needs as determined by clinicians or case managers.

Over 1,000 Tour Participants Each Year!

Each year at the Tour we serve approximately 1,000 participants and as you can imagine an event of this size would not be possible without the financial support of our generous donors.  In fact, most years, the amount of donations rivals that of the funds we collect for registration.

Donations in Any Amount Will Help

Donations in any amount are much appreciated.  In the past our participants themselves have often donated more than required and supporters of our participants have made substantial contributions.  And we’ve been most thankful for the teams of participants because most years, it’s the teams who seem to garner the most donations.

We are most appreciative and thankful for your donation of any amount in support of the Tour.  Click on the orange PledgeReg logo to donate online or complete this Donation Sheet and bring it to the event.

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