Rest stops were perfectly spaced

My son rode the 30 and I rode the 100, and we both had a fantastic experience. He (at 15 years old) was relatively new to that distance and said it was a well-put-together route, not too many hills, but enough to keep it interesting. My 100 was quite the challenge with all those hills. The thing that stood out on my ride was that the rest stops were PERFECTLY spaced. Just as I wished for a rest stop to appear, there one would be. They were all staffed with friendly volunteers (especially the last one!) and a good selection of fuel. The last one was such a pleasant surprise with pre-mixed Gatorade already poured into cups for us. Potato chips at the Benidorm stop Mile 80–HEAVENLY! Excellent road support! I saw the sag wagon frequently going by throughout the ride. The course was very well-marked. Packet pick-up at the end was a very nice touch–no need to keep track of your stuff or run back to your car before the start. Overall, just a really nice job! Can’t blame the rain on the organizers, but even that wasn’t unpleasant, and those hearty girls at the finish line cheering like we just won! were fabulous. We’ll be back. – J

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